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Here is some useful information for anyone who is wearing a
toupee, hairpiece, hair system, hair weave, graft, or any type of hair replacement.

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    First off, let me start by saying that all terminology is basically describing the same thing. If you are wondering why there are so many words describing the replacement of hair, it is because companies are trying to escape from the negative stigma that surrounds the business in general. When you hear the word toupee or hairpiece, you immediately picture an obvious rug that is used for a laugh on a television show.

    The truth of the matter is that a toupee or hairpiece of good quality is sadly an unsung hero; they're the ones that go unnoticed by others unless the person who is wearing it tells you. Otherwise, you would never know.

    More recently, you may have heard of companies selling hair systems. A "Hair System" is one way to present the idea of hair replacements without conjuring up the image of a funny looking rug. There is a tremendous amount of skepticism in people who are considering alternatives to their thinning hair and baldness. In a world of hair replacements that is visible to the naked eye, skepticism is only normal. If you can keep in mind that the hair replacement of good quality is not visible to the naked eye, you may take refuge in knowing they are out there.

Are you experiencing the negative effects of hair loss?

    "This is a picture of me just a few months ago, before I found out about the new hair enhancement. I did not smile because I had no reason to. For years, I was the butt of all of my buddies' jokes. They didn't know it, but they were hurting my feelings. I saw an ad for the new hair enhancements. I went in to see what could be done. Today, I've got a full head of hair and a whole new attitude. I never thought it would happen to me, but it DID!"

Wayne Feuerherm, age 31

    "Let's face it: 24 and balding is boring. I looked and felt terrible. For years, I had seen my dad brush those same 25 hairs over the top of his head and then use a can of hair spray to keep them in place. I knew that wasn't for me. That's when I decided it was time to deal with this problem straight on. My wife made an appointment for me and the two of us went in together. The consultant set things up to work around my schedule and designed a hair system just right for me. My wife LOVES my new hair!"

Eric Stevens, age 24

What can be offered to today's man?

    Natural Hair Line: The center offers state-of-the-art technology in hair augmentations. The undetectable application leads to the most natural appearance. Customized prosthetics that are attached for the extended wear to allow men to sleep, swim, wash, and style their hair. Available in both synthetic and human hair.

    Wigs: Full Cranial Prosthetics are available at Bugden's Hair Replacement Center that services the male client suffering from alopecia universalis or totalis. It can be designed to be work on an extended wear basis that makes the hair look like the hair you should have been born with or a tape down method.


    Bugden's Hair Replacement Center now offers the latest technology in hair replacement called Permagraft. Only 40% of the clients are candidates for this unprecedented process. Click here to find our if your a candidate.

Men's Hair Replacements

    The worst place to lose your hair is where most men experience hair loss: the frontal line and temples. Equally unfortunate is that the hairline s the most difficult area on the scalp in which to recreate hair. As you probably know, people generally look at you from the front, right in the face. It's what they see first, it's what they see most often, and it's how their perception of you is formed.

    It's the hair in the front that "frames" your face, which enhances your best features and lessens the effect of your worst. While a bald spot in the crown area is sometimes called "cute", a receding hairline screams old. There are several options out there that offer various results. Some of the main include: wearing a toupee, drugs such as Rogaine and Propecia, surgical techniques such as transplants and flaps. Another option is too simply continue losing your hair and becoming a "horseshoe bald".

    The problems with drugs and surgery are that they are effective for only "certain hair types". Drugs mainly work in the "vortex and mid-scalp area". They do not give you a new hair line nor clam to grow a new hairline. Where does hair grow, much of the growth is simply peach fuzz. The illusion of density is created by simply "combing". Surgery will produce results, but the type of results is a different story. Transplants cannot achieve the full density of original growing hair. If you're lucky, enough hair growth will occur to cover the evidence of the hair plugs themselves, whatever scarring they caused, and the area of bald scalp in which they were placed.

    Bugden's Hair Replacement Center can offer you the best option of all. Human hair emanating from the scalp, with the same density and growth patterns of your original hair, without any scars or necessary combining to cover bald spots or thinning areas. Best of all, created is a real honest-to-goodness hairline, without any drugs or surgery. Look closely and you will be able to see fine individual hairs progressing to thicker denser hair; hair that continues through your scalp, intermingling with your own growing hair.

    Think about what you're really looking for in hair restoration: A believable looking hair line? Enough hair density to cover bald areas of scalp and thinning areas? Hair that is cosmetically acceptable in appearance? Bugden's Hair Replacement Center can help you achieve these goals without drugs or surgery.

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