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The Deep Dark Secret
    Women’s hair loss is nothing new. Nor is it more prevalent today than it was fifty years ago. So why do women have such limited choices? This question is especially vexing when you consider how essential appearance is to a woman, as well as the incorrect assumption that “women don’t go bald”, that has caused the subject of women’s hair loss to be essentially forgotten and ignored by all-except its sufferers.
    For generations, women who were unhappy with their hair loss have had just two options - to tolerate their thin hair or to hide it. Well, not anymore. Now there’s comfortable, natural solution that doesn’t involve pills, lotions, or surgical procedures. By adding to the hair you already have, you can look great and lead an active lifestyle.

    Women with thinning hair have had precious few options in the past. There’s the standard, machine-made wig, of course. But wigs provide full coverage of the entire scalp. The problem is that the majority of women with thinning hair are just that: THINNING NOT BALD. Why cover up the hair you have, or receive more coverage that you really need?

    Of course, trying to tease and style the hair you do have to give the appearance of increased volume is certainly an option. But one that rarely results in a look that’s flattering to most women. Finally, there’s the scarf, which is fine to run errands in, but hardly appropriate for most social and work situations.

    With the variety of options available, you can relax and enjoy activities like swimming and showering. Best of all, you can style your hair like you’ve always wanted to. Feeling good about the way you look can make a big difference in the way you live.

You’ve Go Company
    Did you know that over 20 million American women suffer from hair loss? Not just older women either: 10 million are under 40. It’s estimated that another 40 million women suffer form what is termed “problem hair”, that is, hair that is unusually fine, or sparse, or hair that just won’t grow to any appreciable length.

    How a woman loses her hair is exclusive to her gender. The patterns in which the hair is lost varies from woman to woman. Whatever the pattern, the reason for thinning hair in the great majority of cases is androgenic, that is, hormone related. Other causes include eating disorders, yo-yo dieting, and pregnancy.

Before After

    "It was with great euphoria that I left your shop today. Never, never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate what transformation could occur. I cannot wait for the process to begin.
    "I am so sorry I left without saying thank you to the client that offered for me to observe her process. Would you kindly offer her my apology and tell her how much I appreciate how the hair system works. I, truthfully, had no idea before I came to the appointment."
    "I am so very excited - I cannot even imagine what it will do for me, but I know how I anticipate the feeling. I'm also excited to be rid of the gray!! It was a pleasure to meet with you. Thank you very much."


What can be offered to today's woman?
Hair replacements:
The average woman suffers fro defused alopecia. Customized prosthetics that are attached for the extended wear allows the women to sleep, swim, wash, and style hair, 24 hrs. a day and never go without her hair. They are available in both synthetic and human hair.
To add length, volume, or highlights. The single strand, wefts or new poly systems enhancements. Extensions are applied using bonding, non-surgical stitch, pole method, or clips. They can be purchased in a variety of textures. They include straight, body wave, curly. For the ethnic client, we offer yaki straight texture, and deep wave texture. Many entertainers, including Faith Hill, Wynona Judd, and Meg Ryan have used this fascinating and popular procedure to achieve long hair.
Wigs: Human Hair:

Full Cranial Prosthetic for the Alopecia Universalis or Totalis. Soft Vacuum or Customized Prosthetic for the Alopecia client.
For the client dealing with Chemotherapy.
For the client that just wants a change.

Hair Replacements
    “Your Dreams Can Come True. You’ve waited long enough for More Hair.” No matter what the circumstance, there are a variety of ways to add to your scalp based on your particular hair loss condition. A woman with minimal amount of hair loss to the woman with her entire scalp thinning can be helped.
Have you ever heard the concept of hair addition?

Until now, solutions to women’s hair loss were in the area of hair supplantation. Meaning, the focus was directed on replacing the entire area where hair loss had occurred, no matter what the degree of hair loss. This was usually done with a machine made wig. Bugden’s Hair Replacement Center uses the woman’s existing hair to the fullest extent possible, adding more hair to fill in around and in between, the natural growing hair.
Think of the advantages:

With the hair process, several advantages accrue to the woman who chooses this procedure. First, only as much hair as needed is added. This allows your existing hair to be utilized resulting in a far more natural look. Also, only the finest human hair is used in this process unlike “wig” hair, which is usually synthetic fiber. It bends, it curls, has the touch of silken quality, and is full of bounce.

    “My hair addition has given me more confidence. I run my own business and meet with people daily, so looking and feeling comfortable is especially important. Before I solved my problem, I felt like hiding behind my desk. Having a beautiful head of hair makes me complete.”
Sharon Mesinger

    “Before I got my hair addition, I went to a dermatologist looking for answers but found none. I bought a wig but didn’t like the way it looked and felt. Today, I can say without hesitation that my hair addition was the perfect solution for me.”
Judy Lowe

Hair Extensions
    The popular and unparalleled Great Lengths extension system has changed the worldwide definition of hair design. It is one what to make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. Using 100% human hair strands, you application for length, volume, or color enhancement will harmonize beautifully with your natural strands. Once applied, Great Lengths is your hair.

    Bugden’s Hair Replacement Center’s certified Great Length technician will share with you in detail exactly what Great Length can accomplish for you based upon your specific needs and desired results.
    Another type of hair extension that Bugden’s Hair Replacement Center specializes in is the new Ultratress hair extensions. It isn’t just a hair extension; it is hair progression. Ultratress is a different type of hair extension. It can be used to add volume, highlights, or to achieve any look you desire. The extensions are not tied on. Instead, a modern day polymer is used to melt the Ultratress hair to your existing hair. The nature of this process gives the hair greater flexibility and versatility.

    Various other procedures are available including stitch, pole method, or clips. Available to clients are also a variety of colors and texture. Whether you are looking for an enhancement through single strands, poly systems, or wefts, Bugden’s Hair Replacement can make your dreams of longer, fuller, more beautiful hair become a reality.


    "Who of us do not want to improve our appearance, sport a natural, youthful look and create an image that expresses our individual style? This is exactly what this hair system does! It not only enhances your looks, it also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. The best part of this phenomenal system is that no one will know you're wearing it unless you tell them. It's so light and natural that I myself forget that I am wearing it. I not only invite you, I urge you to try this hair system. If you have thinning hair or hair loss, it will be one of the most positive and dramatic experiences you will have. On a scale of satisfaction from 1-10, it's a definite 10."

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